As I Lay Crying Myself To Sleep For What Seemed Like The Millionth Night I Realized Something, I Can Embrace What Is The Now And Stop Hoping For Some Uncanny Mircle ; Or I Could Drown In The Unhappiness, But I Loved You So Much I Don’t Even Know How To Be Happy Anymore Without You. It’s My Fault Though, I Loved You Blindly And Recklessly And It Consumed Me.

– Falsely Yours , Katerina Crenshaw.



The Bonds Of Family Blesses Us With An Immeasurable Amount Of Power, But We Also Must Accept What Comes With It. It Gives Us The Ability To Love Without, Condition Without Apology. We Can Never Waiver From The Power Of That Bond, Even When It Is Tested. The Bond Nourishes Us, Gives Us Strength, And Without That Power We Are Nothing. While We May Not Choose Our Family That Bond Can Be Our Single Greatest Strength, Because The Bonds Of Family Far Outweigh Anything Else. Such Bonds Trump Petty Jealousy , And Overcome Great Fueds.
       – Truly Yours Katerina Crenshaw.